The ONE thing that will stop you

Is YOU. It’s been a while, welcome back to my random ramblings about all things paraphysical. Recently I’ve been having some very enlightening conversations with Agnostic Atheists, yes it’s a thing, somehow I met two in the span of a week and had nearly the same conversations with both of […]

Things are happening 2

Rhino virus, also known as the common cold, sucks. It sucks the life out of you, has you hugging onto every form of natural and over the counter remedy available (see cough syrup) and creates this fog inside your head that refuses to move until said virus has decided it’s […]

If you really hate me, you can blame Dan Donche 4

So I guess what everyone is wondering is how did this all begin? Where did the Bad Bitch Academy of Psychic Development stem from and just what exactly is going on with that tarantula? First and foremost, if you really hate me, you can blame Dan Donche. If you’ve been […]

Coming on my days off when I have time to organize stuff

One day there will be bad bitch academy that will teach you how to be psychic like a boss. But like everything else in life, all good things come to those who wait, or to those who stay up until 2AM and never sleep and work far too much. That […]